Homegrown Humans

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Homegrown Humans are all around us. Scholars, thinkers, activists and builders.

This limited edition series of interviews features some of our favorite and most inspiring Homegrown Humans, all of whom either feature in or directly inspired this book.

Listen in as these brilliant folks wrestle with the questions: where have we come from? what's going on? and what do we do now?

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Featured Guests

Sue Philips Headshot

Sue Philips
Harvard Divinity School, Sacred Design Lab

Daniel Schmachtenberger
Founder, The Consilience Project, Co-founder, Neurohacker Collective

Amy Cuddy Headshot

Amy Cuddy, PhD
Social Psychologist, Bestselling Author, Harvard Professor

Wade Davis Headshot

Wade Davis
Cultural Anthropologist, Ethnobotanist

Adam Gazzaley
Neuroscientist, Founder, Sensync & Akili

Lisa Feldman Barrett
Professor of Psychology, Northeastern University

Coming Soon

Tyson Yunkaporta

Erik Davis

Scott Barry Kaufman

Dennis McKenna

BJ Miller